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Are you struggling with your child's behaviour? Or worrying about their school performance? Or wanting things to be better in your family life?

Below I have put together a few of my Child Behavior articles, which may be of help to you.  For more,  why not sign up for my free newsletter and I will also send you a free one-hour audio interview all about managing child behaviors? Of course, for much more detailed help, you really do need to get hold of my book, as it will answer most, of not all, of your questions (and if it doesn't, I offer a full money-back guarantee).

Child Behavior Problems: Bedtime Woes, Why Won’t She Stay in Bed?

After a fully-packed day looking after the children, you long for bedtime. But, your child just doesn't like the idea of going to bed before his parents. This is a common experience of most parents. You want a bit of peace and quiet at the end of a day spent in feeding them, washing clothes, clearing their mess, putting up with temper tantrums, and many other things. You ask them to go to bed, but that's exactly what they don't like to do. (More...)

Parenting Advice: The Difficulties Single Mums Can Have With Sons

Q. "I am a single mother with three children; Caitlin 7, Tom 9, and Liam 11. While Cait is fine, the two boys are causing me problems. Tom behaves well in school, but has learning difficulties. After school though, he turns into a monster, and throws temper tantrums. Liam is rude, not affectionate and just generally hates me. His dad never visits, and Tom's dad died when he was a baby. I'm going crazy and want to know what I'm doing wrong." (More...)

What Can I Do To Help My Son Get Over His Extreme Shyness?

Q. "My 7 year old son suffers with extreme shyness, in fact he will hardly talk to anyone outside of the family. What can I do to encourage him?" (More...)

Child Behavior Problems: Children who Steal

Children steal for a variety of reasons. Some steal for comfort, others to impress a group of friends, get back at their parents, or to get the things they ...  (More...)

Child Behavior Problems: “My son has night terrors”

Reader’s Question: Sometimes, in the middle of the night, my seven-year-old sits bolt upright, stares straight ahead, and screams at the top of his voice. It sounds ...  (More...)

Why Children Soil Their Pants and What you Can Do About it.

NORMAL TOILET TRAINING Most children learn control of their bowels at about age 2 or 3. If they have NEVER learnt control by the time they four year old this is known as “primary encopresis”...  (More...)

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