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Does Your Child Have Special Educational Needs?

Is your child struggling with reading or writing? Are you worrying about their school performance? Their poor performance may not be due to laziness and poor concentration - it may be that they have some specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, non-verbal learning disabilities, or other sensory integration difficulties.

These articles may help.  For more,  why not sign up for my free newsletter and I will also send you a free one-hour audio interview all about managing child behaviors?  Of course, for much more detailed help, you really do need to get hold of my book, as it will answer most, of not all, of your questions (and if it doesn't, I offer a full money-back guarantee).

Another source of help is James Lehman's Total Transformation program. This is an excellent program and gets my highest recommendation. Well worth checking out. And he offers a full 30-day free trial!

How do I get my child the extra help in school that she needs?

(This mostly applies to the UK situation) The British government has promised that “a child with special educational needs should have their needs met” (sec. 1.3, SEN Code of Practice, ...  (More...)

Are Speech & Language Problems Holding Your Child Back?

If your child shows difficulty with behavior, attention, learning, concentrating, and social interactions it may be that this is where the problem lies.Verbal communication is vital to human functioning, but it is tremendously complicated. In...  (More...)

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