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Even Grandparents find The GOOD CHILD Guide to be useful...

These are a few of the many emails we have received from grandparents who have bought the manual either for themselves, or as a gift for their children.

If you have a success story to tell, why not post it here as an encouragement to other families who are still struggling? It is very easy to do, just click here for full details. We look forward to hearing from you!

Note: These testimonials were sent to us by email and have not been edited, so please excuse any typos and spelling errors - we all make mistakes when we are typing an email in a hurry!

Hi Noel,
Thank you so much for the Good Child Guide. I did indeed downloaded it

successful. I’m now in the process in reading very slowly and digesting a

few pages at a time, not wanting to miss anything.
I’m a grandmother and think this book is good for the older folks that have

grandchildren (I have 9). I’ve made a lot of mistakes in raising my 4 and

felt that a “refresher” course could be really useful for me. After I’ve

finished it, I’ll try and get my daughter and sons to read it too. But, at

their age they believe they know it all … its at my age (at least for me)

that we realize how much we don’t know.
Anyway, thanks again.

Josette Hardy


I have just finished reading your Good Child Guide (as a grandmother) and shall pass this onto my daughter. I only wish this were around when I was a mother – it’s fantastic. Thank you also for the bonus 101 Ways to build happy, lasting relationships. My partner seems to have all these ideas and I’ve just realised I don’t follow any of them, but having seen it in print I will definitely put some of them into practice.



I would like to say that your “advices” are not only wonderful, but truly truthful advices that comes from life experiences.
I am a grandmother of 2. Even though I am still in my middle forties, I can still learn and have trial mistakes in teaching my grandchildren. I know that is supposed to be coming from the parents, but can truly give them so much extra love and yet be firm and never go against thier parents wishes. I don’t want to confuse the kids.
Thanks for your advises and your child guides. It is so useful in guidance.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!

Char Van Fleet

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