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All of these are genuine testimonials that have been sent to us by happy families who have seen a real improvement in their lives as a result of using the strategies explained in The GOOD CHILD Guide.

If you have a success story to tell, why not post it here as an encouragement to other families who are still struggling? It is very easy to do, just click here for full details. We look forward to hearing from you!

Note: These testimonials were sent to us by email and have not been edited, so please excuse any typos and spelling errors - we all make mistakes when we are typing an email in a hurry!

Dear Dr. Swanson,

It seems odd that, until a few weeks ago, I had never replied to any of your e-mails; but here I am sending my second reply just a few weeks after the first one!

But I just had to tell you that this is perhaps MY FAVORITE e-mail of any you’ve sent so far!!! Not because any of my children have Asperger’s, but because your explanation of how to deal with it could apply to any behavior-related “disorder.” I especially appreciated your positive take on the concept of putting a “label” on a child; this is normally painted in a very negative light, but your suggestion to use it as a “tool” is so right on target!

Thank you, and may God bless you for the great work you continue to do!

Theresa McDonald
Boone Hospital Center
Spiritual Care Services

Thanks so much for following up, Noel.

I actually read about 60 pages of the book yesterday and told my wife (who is also eager to read the book) that I’m excited about what I’ve read already. We’ve had a few crises lately, mostly involving our ADHD, 9-year-old son. But our 6-year-old daughter does not get off the hook either. They’re both wonderful kids and your book has already reinforced in me that they don’t do what they do to make life difficult for us. They’re just doing “what they want to do”. But that was my exact plan, to read the entire book, let my wife read the entire book, discuss it and then put the plan into action.

Our specific struggles with our son are over taking his ADHD medicine each morning and resistance to doing his homework. I love the fact that you stress FUN in your book because that’s what I want our family to be– FUN! Hope all’s well with you and your family. Thanks for your expertise and your book!

Tim Perry

Certified Legal Video Specialist

Hi Noel

I have read your great book and I am presently implementing many of the things that you have suggested, some of which seem to have made immediate improvements. Our daughters behaviour has been challenging to say the least since she turned 18 months (she’s now 4 1/2) and I have had many tearful moments and moments of complete despair and embarrassment, and times when my stress levels have been pushed past their limits.

We recently took our daughter to a behavioural psychologist and she has said that she feels that our daughters behaviour is personality driven (both my husband & I come from strong personalitied families) as her behaviour is not consistently bad, and is not ADHD as we feared it may have been. She does however show some of the traits of ADHD. The therapist did say that she was concerned that our daughters intelligence levels were far higher than her social levels and that her strong will and determination for control needs to be nurtured very carefully in order for her to be able to communicate at the same level as her peers. This left both my husband and I a little confused & concerned to say the least, but this appointment is going to be followed up by some therapy through play which she feels will help.. so here’s hoping that with the information from your book and the play therapy, that our lives will be a happier and more fun loving household.

I really felt your advice on having fun time every week (even if the behaviour hasn’t been very good) is so important to raise the spirit of the family. This is so important otherwise you can get into a stalemate situation where your not doing fun things because the behaviour is so bad, which demotivates everyone involved and only proves to make the overall situation worse.

I continue to re read your book which motivates me to improve my behaviour, which in turn will hopefully improve my daughters.

Thank you so much for your continued support
Kind Regards

Lesley Morgan

Many thanks Noel. I have downloaded the book, saved it, read it and got ‘The Deal’ in place. My daughter is 17 and has been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. I think that by using the Good Child Guide I will be able to sort out the pathalogical behaviours from those that have arisen as a result of too permissive a parenting style.

I think your book is a fantastic resource – really accessible. I work as a neurofeedback practitioner, mainly with kids with ADHD. Although your book is aimed at the ‘mainstream’ I think it will be very helpful for parents of kids with ADHD-type behaviours.

Thanks again


Dear Noel,
Just a note to let you know that I have successfully downloaded “The Good Child Guide” and am currently reading it with great interest!
Many thanks for your interest. I am a sole parent of eight children, four of whom still live at home.

My youngest, a boy of 8, has just been diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder, ADHD, depression and attachment disorder!! He has also just been put on dexamphetamine which I am still a little dubious about, but it does seem to be helping him, particularly at school.
I am also enjoying reading your newsletters. I find your writing very easy to read and it’s very refreshing to find a professional with a really good sense of humour!
Thank you again,
Judy Byrnes

I was just into reading the book and starting to implement strategies.

I had to pack suitcases and the 3 year old (girl) and fly 2000 miles to be with my sister who is in her homespending the last few weeks of her life. She is inthe final stages of Renal Cell Carcinoma which metastasized between the diagnosis and scheduled surgery.
The little one has been uprooted from her every dayroutine, her dad and older brother. She missed her3rd birthday (party), which was already planned. We will celebrate when we return home.

She is a tough one and she is the third one we’ve raised. She is actually our granddaughter, which we adopted, and have had her since she was 4 months old.

The behaviors have accelerated in the situation we are in right now.

Special thing we did this evening – Caught fireflies in her new “bug catcher” discovery kit which I got at Walmart on the clearance aisle.

We live in a place that does not...  (More...)

Hi Noel

My 3 goals are

1. Using The Good Child Steps for my 8yr old Autistic Son, as I am sure you know it is hard on the whole family (This was a life saver)

2. Following the 7 steps to Freedom program ( to help me dream what mite be)

3. Using the 101 ways to build a Happy Relationship for me and my wife ( Due to goal 1)
Thank you for all 3 e books this is the best money I have spent in a long time .

I am reading all of this when I can, a little at a time, at the same time.

I Know using all three have helped me with, My son and My wife.

I am more Relaxed now and not high strung , like afew months ago!

We are starting to have family fun together again.

I know these goals are small, but to Me/Use they are a big step to Happiness.

Thanks and cheers to you


Dear Noel,

I wanted to thank you for all of the emails I have received from you. I am the parent to a 2 year old little girl, and a 8 year old little boy who has been diagnosed with” early onset bipolar” “ADHD” “ODD” Your emails have provided me with a sense of knowing how to “Parent”, Parenting is the hardest job I have ever had to do.

Im writting because I just came across the knowledge that you have a referrral program. I have been referring you to other parents for a while now.. Just knowing that you have a program that can pay is a fabulous thing. But the blessings I have been given threw your emails is enough to make me what to give all the parents I encounter your name and a bit of information about how you`ve helped me and can possibly help them with new ways of “taming the Younger versions of ourself”.

Thank you Noel, Your Fan Velva Muller, Savannah, Georgia USA USA

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