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Real Stories about Teenagers and their Behaviors.

All of these are genuine testimonials that have been sent to us by happy families who have seen a real improvement in their parenting skills as a result of using the strategies explained in The GOOD CHILD Guide.

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Note: These testimonials were sent to us by email and have not been edited, so please excuse any typos and spelling errors - we all make mistakes when we are typing an email in a hurry!

Many thanks Noel. I have downloaded the book, saved it, read it and got ‘The Deal’ in place. My daughter is 17 and has been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. I think that by using the Good Child Guide I will be able to sort out the pathalogical behaviours from those that have arisen as a result of too permissive a parenting style.

I think your book is a fantastic resource – really accessible. I work as a neurofeedback practitioner, mainly with kids with ADHD. Although your book is aimed at the ‘mainstream’ I think it will be very helpful for parents of kids with ADHD-type behaviours.

Thanks again


Hi Noel

I think it’s high time I wrote to thank you. I certainly appreciate your efforts and skill in producing the Good Child Guide. Generally speaking I don’t have a problem with either of my children and we are all pretty respectful of one another. However, I got divorced 5 years ago and shortly afterwards my daughter, now aged 17, seemed completely incapable of picking up after herself and keeping her room tidy. I think I probably felt guilty about breaking up the family and so expected less from my children. Lowered expectations gradually resulted in a change in behaviour. So, in order to address the ‘surface issues’, I bought your book and applied ‘The Deal’. I bought it a few months ago and now the picking up and tidying issues are a thing of the past. We don’t even have ‘The Deal’ on the wall anymore – it is implicit.

I can’t tell you how strongly I subscribe to the idea that it is vital to keep petty annoyances down to a minimum and all pull together in order to preserve positive relations (and have enough energy and enthusiasm to have a bit of fun together!) I guess the message is that the Good Child Guide can be useful however old your children are. It really helped us to get back on track and the three of us are happier and healthier because of your work.

Thank you!


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