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Call the Babysitter? Mom’s Going to the Spa

by Dr. Noel Swanson

You have to go through it to know what a world of difference a spa treatment can do to you. Once in a while you need to pamper yourself with some such luxury that leaves you feeling good and looking beautiful. May be the pace of life leaves with no time for an all-day spa treatment, but you can, and must take time out for at least a facial and a massage. A certificate to a spa is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give to your mom on Mother’s Day or any other day for that matter. Let her know how much you care for her. She will never forget this experience, and you will get all the credit for it.

A facial leaves you with a feeling that is hard to duplicate. Afterwards you will feel completely clean and refreshed. When you also get a massage, it makes the whole world seem like a better place. You can close your eyes and listen to beautiful music in a softly lit room as you enjoy your escape.

A few things you should know if this is your first visit to the spa. It is recommended that you enjoy the hot tubs, steam rooms and saunas before your massage in order to start the relaxation process. If you are also getting a facial, it will also help to make your skin softer and speed the exfoliation process.

But, once you go to a spa, it is best to take advantage of both facial and massage. Don’t hesitate to remove your clothes for the massage; you don’t know what you are missing because of this shyness. In any case, they provide you with enough sheets to cover your entire body. You must know that the people who service you are professionals, and are aware of your first-time jitters. Listen to the recommendations of the professionals and drink plenty of water before you go for a sauna otherwise you can become dehydrated during the sauna. It also helps in the cleansing process.

This is time to relax and enjoy a pampering. If you do have concerns, talk to the people at the spa before you start, so you can get them out of the way. This way you will free your mind of concerns and be able to enjoy the massage. Let yourself go, and let the masseuse do their job, and you will feel better than you have in a long time.

So get up and get going.

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Dr. Noel Swanson, Consultant Child Psychiatrist and author of The GOOD CHILD Guide, specializes in children's behavioural difficulties and writes a free newsletter for parents. He can be contacted through his website on Expert Parenting Advice.

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