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Family Fun Time – Nature Walk

by Dr. Noel Swanson

It seems sometimes that we can’t see the forest for the trees. Not because we aren’t looking, but because of deforestation. While the debate on environmental issues and global warming continues, you can enjoy family fun time by going on a nature walk.

The first thing is to choose clothes that are appropriate. Comfortable shoes, sneakers or hiking boots would be fine, as would light clothing in layers (depending upon the weather), and a slicker to carry just in case of rain. Bring binoculars as well because you never can tell what wonderful sights may await you and your family.

Much has been advertised and written about the importance of preserving nature and all living things. In fact, Jane Goodall has sponsored a program for children that allows them to create backyard habitats for all sorts of birds and other animals that need a place to visit or call home.

Teaching our children about nature and animals who inhabit our planet is not only a necessary exercise, but one from which children can learn all about specific habitats, the creatures who live in them, and the need to preserve them for their generation as well as the generation to come.

While most kids can learn about nature from textbooks, it is walking among the different trees and flowers, discovering different species of birds and insects that makes it real for them and easier to relate to and understand.

Whether you are taking your family to the zoo, or to a reserve where extinct birds can be found, now is the time to do it. Our earth’s natural resources are dissipating as the population continues to grow. While there are still parks which preserve the beauty of our land and its wildlife, no one knows how much longer conservation will continue.

Begin with a family nature walk, a fun time yet a time of learning and appreciating nature and the magnificent treasures it holds.

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