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Goin’ Crazy – a charming poem for all parents

We received this lovely poem from one of our  readers. Just thought it was worth sharing!

Goin’ Crazy

by Mary Welker

I’m going crazy, ain’t it great?
No time for insanity, I’m running late.
I shuttle kids to and fro,
Get in the car, we’ve got to go.
What do you mean you’ve lost your shoes?
I don’t have time for distressing news.
Run a brush through that hair,
Oh no, the baby’s bottom’s bare.
Found the shoes, the hair is neat,
Hurry now, get into your seat.
Yes, the baby is diaper clad,
Hurry now, I’m going mad.
Sit down stop fighting,
Tempers are igniting.
Wait! Don’t hit your sister,
Watch out she’ll get YOU, Mister.
My, things are getting loud,
You know this behavior is not allowed.
That’s better, two minutes of calm,
For my soul that is needed balm.
Two little ones asleep in their seat,
The older ones finally quiet and neat
Though at times they make me weep,
These children are mine and them I’ll keep.

Copyright 2008 Mary Welker. Used by permission. All rights reserved. (Unlike other articles on this site you do not have permission to reproduce this poem)

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