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Yes!  I am tired of being embarrassed by my children's behaviors...

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I want my children to grow up as polite, cheerful and confident members of society.  I am fed up of being embarrassed by their behavior.   Finally I have found a system that is going to help me to get their behavior under control, so that they do as they are told, instead of being naughty and disobedient all the time.

Please rush me The GOOD CHILD Guide so that I can get started straight away on making family life less stressful and more fun.

I understand that this program cannot 'cure' my child's ADHD, Autism, Asperger's or other medical condition - but even so, I can still expect to see improvements in their behavior, and in our family life as a whole.  And, not only that, it will also complement and enhance any help being provided by our doctor or other health professional.

I understand that my purchase today is totally risk-free and protected by Dr. Noel Swanson's Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Here it is:

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You will probably see improvements in you children's behaviors in just days or weeks.  But sometimes it can take a bit longer.  Examine The GOOD CHILD Guide at your leisure for a full 3 months.  By that time you should be enjoying dramatic improvements in your children's behaviors and having more fun and less stress as a family.  If you are not, then simply return the manual to me or (for the download) email me and I'll refund 100% of your purchase price on the spot, with no further questions asked, and no commitments, obligations, expectations or hard feelings...   The only thing I ask of you is that you act in good faith and give the The GOOD CHILD Guide a fair try.

"the best weekend together in years"

Dr. Swanson,

I recently purchased your book (The Good Child Guide) and found that most of the topics in your book pointed right to me and my family. I just wanted to give you a big THANK YOU! After reading your book and putting plans into motion, My two daughters (16 months and 5 years old) had the best weekend together in years. There was absolutely no yelling or spankings. We just started this process so I know there is a long road ahead, but it was a wonderful start. My 5 year old and I have been butting heads (enemies) since she was 3 and this weekend we were mother and daughter. She is just as excited as I am about the reward system I set up for her. This book has become my bible. I take it everywhere we go, so I can refresh my memory on certain points that relate to my family.
Thank you,
Tamara Calhoun
Austin, Texas

"My daughter is 17 and has been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder."

"I just want your readers to know your system does work if used correctly and it's THE FUN that will make the difference."

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Within minutes you will discover the strategies that will transform your children.


Why wait any longer?

Here is what you will get for just $37:

NOTE: This is an eBook available by instant download.   

As soon as you have bought it, you will be given a download link to a ZIP file. Once you have downloaded it, just open the file and you will find FOUR versions of the manual:

Both an AZW3 and a Mobi file, which will work on your Kindle. Just use your USB cable to transfer it across, or email them to your Kindle account. Depending on which device you have, you may find one or other of the files to display better.
An ePub file, which will work on your Nook, Sony Reader, Android tablet, Kobo, and various other devices. For a full list of compatible devices see this Wikipedia article
A PDF file which you can open on your laptop, tablet, and various other devices. The manual has some appendices that you may wish to print out. The PDF version is the best one to use for that, as you can ensure that the formatting will print correctly. In fact, the ZIP file actually includes two files: the whole manual and also just the Appendices for easy printing.

Most importantly, what you get are SOLUTIONS!

Download size: 7.3 Mb

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"I'm now into the third week...My daughter is only 3... "

Here's what will happen: Once you click on the button, you will be taken to a secure server that uses the latest encryption and security systems so that you can have total confidence in the safety of your purchase.  You will first be asked for your name and address, and then you will be taken to a secure server where you will supply your Credit Card OR PayPal account details (you don't need a PayPal account to order).  You can also pay by eCheck (choose the PayPal option).  Your purchase will be automatically converted into your own local currency by your credit card company. (Please note that the currency conversion shown above is approximate only).

As soon as all the details have been confirmed, you will be taken to another page, on which your shipping details will be confirmed, or, if you ordered the download, you will be able to download The GOOD CHILD Guide instantly.  You will also receive confirmation by email.


Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure if The GOOD CHILD Guide is for you?   Worried about ordering online?  Here are some of the common questions I have been asked. 

Is it safe to order online?

What happens if something goes wrong with the ordering process?

I clicked the order button twice by mistake - I think I have paid twice.

My children are X years old, will it work with them?

I don't have a credit card, is there any other way of paying?

It seems rather expensive, is it really worth that much?

What if I want my money back?

I have a slow computer connection, or some other downloading problems. Will this be a problem?

I am ordering from work, but want to receive the book at home, how do I do that?


Is it safe to order online?

I do understand, if you have never bought online before, that it can be a bit nerve wracking.

However, the reality is that when you use your credit card, it is the vendor who is at greatest risk of fraud, since the customer can always go back to her credit card company for a refund - and the vendor gets charged for it (plus all sorts of extra charges) - even if none of it was the vendors fault. So:

1) buying on line is safe for the buyer. In fact it is probably safer than giving your credit card details over the phone. Just make sure that the vendor is using a secure order page before you type in your card details.  Look for the padlock symbol padlock at the bottom of your browser (top in Internet Explorer 7). If you look now, you will see that this page, that you are currently reading, is not secure, as you are not providing any personal details. But the next page (after you have pressed the order button), where you input your details, is protected by full 128-bit state-of-the-art security and encryption.

2) if you do have a problem with a purchase, always go to the vendor FIRST - usually the problem can be sorted out swiftly (my support team will normally resolve any issue within one business day).  Only if you can't get satisfaction from the vendor should you go to your credit card people as they will take much longer to resolve the problem for you.

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Click to verify - Before you buy!3) For more great tips on buying safely online, click the "HonestEOnline" image on the right.   Click Here for the Order Buttons


What happens if something goes wrong with the ordering process?

First, DON'T PANIC!  Your purchase is safe.  Just send me an email and I or my support team will sort it out for you (but please allow us a working day to get back to you).  If you have a problem with the download, just send me a copy of the receipt you have received by email, and I will help you out.   Click Here for the Order Buttons


I clicked the order button twice by mistake - I think I have paid twice.

Don't worry.  Just send me an email with the two order numbers (on the email receipts you will have received) and I will refund one of the payments.   Click Here for the Order Buttons


My children are X years old, will it work with them?

The book first discusses the foundational principles of why kids do what they do. This applies to everyone from age one to 101.

It then applies those principles to create specific behavioral strategies. This is primarily targeted at ages 5 to 12.

However, I have many readers who have children at both ends of the scale - as young as 16 months, and as old as 17 years - who have found the book to be very helpful - simply because, with a bit of thought, the foundational principles can be applied to just about any child (or even adult) in any situation.

In the end, the only way you will know if it is helpful, is to try it. Which is exactly why I provide that full 3-month guarantee!   Click Here for the Order Buttons

"I have two boys aged 4 & 2...I am absolutely amazed how much calmer my home is."

"I guess the message is that the Good Child Guide can be useful however old your children are."


I don't have a credit card, is there any other way of paying?

If you are in the US, you can probably do an "echeck" through PayPal: Click Here for the Order Buttons, press the button of your choice then, on the next page, select the PayPal option.

If you are in Canada or USA, simply use our snail-mail order form and send a cheque or money order to us at:

Virtual Web Marketing Inc
Box 20036 Shoppers North
Vernon, BC V1T 9L4

And we will ship it out to you straight away.

Anywhere else gets rather tricky as charges for money orders or wire transfers are usually pretty high. Sorry about that.

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It seems rather expensive, is it really worth that much?

Good question! At the moment you are struggling with your children's behaviors. That is a problem you are dealing with day after day, and it is wearing you down. Now, my guess is that if you could call up your fairy-godmother and get her to wave a magic wand over your home so as to make everything better, you would gladly pay $47, $470 or maybe even $4700! The future for your children, and your own sanity are well worth that amount.

Now, the reality is that my book is not a magic wand. However, it will, in a very short time, help you to bring peace, quiet, and fun into your home. That, I know, is worth at least your small investment today.

But I am guessing that your real concern is whether it really works. After all, if it doesn't then it is not worth 1 cent, never mind $47!

Every day I receive emails from thrilled parents who are finding some peace at home at last (the testimonials on this page are just a small fraction of them), so I know it works for them.

But the only way you will know if it works for you is for you to try it out.

Which is exactly why I offer my full, no quibble guarantee - so that you can try it without any risk.

Order it today with full confidence. Read it through. Put it into practice. And if you are not totally delighted and convinced that the results are worth well more than what you paid, tell me, and I will give you a full refund. But don't put it off - procrastinating won't make any of the problems go away! Click here for the Order Buttons and get started straight away. You won't regret it.

"I immediately printed the guides and forms in the Appendix. Those alone are worth the $37!"


What if I want my money back?

No problem, Just send me an email with the order number (from your email receipt) and we will sort it out for you.   Click Here for the Order Buttons


I have a slow computer connection, or some other downloading problems. Will this be a problem?

To make it as easy as possible I provide a number of different ways you can download the ebook. You can get it as one file (file size: 2,464kb), or split into 5 files (max file size: 809kb). Or you can have either of these options sent to you by email. So you could, for example, have it sent to a friend's computer if she has a better connection. Even if you are with a service provider such as AOL that restricts the size of files you can receive by email, the five-part email option WILL work for you.

Of course, you could just order the hard-copy and not worry about any downloading!  Click Here for the Order Buttons



I am ordering from work, but want to download the book at home, how do I do that?

Simple - once you have placed the order you will be taken straight to a download page. You will also be sent an email with the download instructions. Just forward that email to your home, or write down the URL (web address) of the download page. Then, when you get home you can download it at leisure.  Click Here for the Order Buttons


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