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Thank you for making me feel normal

Thank you Dr. Swanson.

My husband is on board by supporting me, but not reading the book. That is not his “thing”.

We are using the tactics for my 4.5 year old that is angel sometimes, but turns on a dime for reasons unknown to us.

She throws tantrums, says mean things, hits, and refuses to obey us. Typically, we yell and send her to the room, and the scene is much like you described several times in your book.

So far, she is enjoying an allowance, but because she’s still 4, I have to pay out immediately to ensure the reward is felt quickly, and not delayed. When she gets a little older, she will paid weekly instead of daily.

We’re taking our time introducing things, but she’s also enjoying a schedule mapped out on her wall with pictures, so she knows everything she must do in the am and bedtime.

I could go on, but my point is, so far it’s working and we’re pleased with the short term results, but we do anticipate set backs and will look to them as a challenge for us to hold our tongues and handle the situation more rationally and productively.

Thank you for all your help in writing your book and making me feel normal versus a bad parent who is out of control! I also gave some tips to my sister who is using them as well.

Best Regards,
Pam, Syracuse, New York

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