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I have applied your techniques and things have changed almost instantaneously!!!


I just wanted to write you and let you know that your book and tips have really been beneficial to us!!! I have applied your techniques and things have changed almost instantaneously!!! Your last newsletter really opened my eyes to what has been going on and gave me the drive to take back control and do something about my sons behavior. I can see now what I have been doing wrong. To sum it all up, consistency! I am a single, full-time working, mother of 3 children and I never had enough time in a day. With 3 children (12, 6 and 2), I am pulled in 3 different directions and sometimes at the same time!!! I realized that I constantly give in to my sons wants just to not have to “deal” with him. I know now that it is wrong and in order to correct his behavior, I have to alter mine! I have been consistant now for 2 weeks and I am truly impressed with the way things are starting to shape up with not just my son, but myself as well! My son had said to me during his last punishment (he had pool time taken away), “I wish I had my old mother back” and right then and there, I knew that the techniques were working! He knows now that his negative behavior will not be tolerated and that there are consequences that will be implemented. I have noticed a big change within myself as well! I don’t let my kids’ behavior get me upset anymore! It is such a great feeling! I have more patience and I take more time to communicate with them. Even though we are in the beginning of this program, I have no doubt that things will only get better from here on out so long as I stay consistant and follow through!

Thank you so much! You truly have been a blessing to us!

Christina Rice

Bridgeville, DE

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