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just put a few things into practice.

Hi Noel,
I bought your book on the 6th of January and I read it the first night. Since then there has not been a temper tantrum in this house (there used to be lots of them before). My 10 year old daughter has a really difficult temper. Thanks to your book I changed my way of interacting with her, I put into practice your advice about praise and compliments and it worked wonders. It was not easy at first because I was very angry with her for her constant bad behaviour, but I managed to find a few good things to complement her for.

I wanted to put the 1-2-3-magic into practice, but there is no way that she would do a “time out” in times of anger. Instead we made up a list of privileges that she can enjoy: rent 2 videos a week (TV watching is not allowed in our house), bying 1 magazine a month, pocket money etc. I explained to her that these previleges were connected with some obligations such as “controlling your temper”.

I explained that privileges will be taken away from her if I get to “3″.

She ´s been about to fall into temper tantrums a few times but the counting has helped to stop them on time (even though she continued grumpy).
Big improvements and just put a few things into practice.
Great book
Ingrid Rowshan. Bilbao, Spain

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