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the first testimonial I have ever written


I am glad to write this testimonial, especially because is the first testimonial I have ever written, although I was – for about 3 years now – a member of different e-groups that asked for testimonials.

Okay, so that you’ve got me writing, let me tell you how your book has changed my life! It really did. I am recomending it to everyone I know. There are so many RTP parents out there. Now, I wasn’t one of them (LOL-laugh out loud), but from time to time, when I was tired or when I ran out of solutions for my kids, I would yell at them and ask them why what I say doesn’t stick to them or why they don’t do what I tell them right away?

Well, this book came, and I realized that there are methods that really work FOR the kids and the parents. I learned to listen better to my kids, to understand their childish way of thinking, and to really have fun with them, without the pressure of wondering if they will behave or not! OUR LOVE FOR EACH OTHER REALLY WAS ABLE TO BLOOM UNDER THE NURTURE THAT THIS INFORMATION, THIS UNDERSTANDING, THAT DR. NOEL’S BOOK BROUGHT!!! CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU.

It gave me structure and hope. Why hope? Because I was a very good kid except when it came to my mother’s advice. It always seemed that I ended up disobeing her without really meaning to do so, and not really foolowing her good advice. Why? Because she didn’t now how to get to my heart. But now, against my fears, and with the help of Dr. Noel’s book I am getting to my kids hearts!!! And I will really be able to make a difference in their lives.

They love me more since I have been aplying the principles I have learned and they began to look at me when I spoke without me reminding them to do so!!! It is great!!!

If I would pick an idea that had really made an impact is it:

TAKE ACTION! If you love your children enough to put aside time for them and TAKE ACTION, give them 5 min. time out and then don’t talk any more about the problem, bury it, forget about it, your kids will be so happy!!! Take the time to count for them!!! I used to tell my kid to do smthg. and than, although he won’t stand up right away I would leave because I didn’t now what to do, just hoping that he will do what I said in the time alloted for it. Or I would have to say ‘right away , Chris, no, leave your legos now!’ You get the picture… Now I just count. I HAVE GOT TO 3 JUST 3 TIMES IN 2 MONTHS!!! IT WORKS. I dont’ repeat myself either, it feels so good, and it is so much more respectful to the kids!!!!!

I have 2 great boys, I am a professional organist, piano teacher and choir director. The principles in this book also helped me very much in motivating my students and in keeping order and a sense of serenity in my classroom.

Thank you again!!!

With all my heart,


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