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I really liked your point about the bank acct.

Yes, I was able to download it. I really liked your point about the bank acct. That really gave me a new perspective. So, although I am not done w/ the book and have not implemented all of the suggestions, I have found that I have been using some of them. You have given me some ideas on how to better use those strategies or at least to know what I am doing is right. I have tried to start each day anew this wk. and to really try to focus on the positive things my son does. I have noticed his attitude is much different when I focus on the positive. He is only 5, but he is the oldest of 3 kids. He has 2 sisters, age 3 and 5mths. He is very good w/ the baby, but him and his 3yr old sister fight like cats and dogs. But they really do love each other b/c if, one is somewhere and the other didn’t go, they are always asking where the other is. They also stick up for each other against other kids. They go to the same daycare and are on the playground together.


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