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I had to write and tell you about my half term holidays with my kids.

Hi Noel

I had to write and tell you about my half term holidays with my kids.

My two kids are ages 11 and 7 and as you are more than aware, finding an activity that suits them both is a challenge in itself.

My son (the 11 yr old) is very sporty and outdoorsy!!!

Whereas my daughter (the 7 yr old) is more of an insidey person and is happy to play dolls or imaginative play.

Daddy has been working away a lot recently and has been away all this week. so it was up to me to provide activities that suited both – HOORAY!!!! Arent I the lucky one?????

Monday was a beautiful day as far as the weather was concerned and both children were content with occupying themselves for the duration of the morning. However, mid afternoon came and they were beginning to show signs of boredom. We are lucky and live near the seaside. It was cold but dry so we wrapped up and took the new stunt kite, that Matt had had for his birthday recently, to the beach.

I was a bit apprehensive at first as neither of my kids are very happy with the sharing new toys malarky but I was pleasantly surprised. We spent 1.5 hrs on the beach. No-one argued and we all took turns flying the kite. There was a lot of laughter and fun was had. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and so did the kids. We arrived home, wind swept but full of happiness. Everyone was relaxed and we spent a while afterwards disduccing how much fiun we had.


Tuesday had plans too. Matt had a project to complete for homework. He decided to do it on Cardiff Castle. So we spent a good few hours travelling to and visiting Cardiff Castle. The journey there was an adventure in itself as none of us knew exactly how to get there and we had to follow instructions printed from AA Autoroute. We had many laughs looking for signs and roads. We were all peckish when we got to Cardiff so a visit to McDonalds was a must!!! Then we walked to the castle. Once we had paid our fees we had a look around the castle. The children were amazed by its size and they spent a lot of time running around on the grass in the sunshine. They climbed many steps to get to the top of a NOrman Keep and waved down at little me at the bottom. We visited a falconry display and the children asked many questions which the falconry lady answered – I was so proud to see my two kids enthralled by this. Again this day had many laughs and a lot of fun was had.


Unfortunately I had to work on Wednesday and Thursday but the kids had great fun at nanny’s house.

On Friday, both the children had a friend each to play. I was able to get on with some much needed cleaning and they were happy and occupied.

All in all an excellent half term and I am sad to say it whizzed by.

Thank you Noel for all your tips and life saving hints!!!!!

Take care and I look forward to receiving your next email.

Thanks again,


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