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some people took objection to last weeks article.

Hello Noel,
I felt compelled to write to you after hearing this week that some people took objection to last weeks article. As well as being a single mother to a two and a half year old princess, i also work with young people form four- eighteen who have some kind of caring role for a parent or sibling, they may be physically or mentally disabled or have addictions or mental health problems for example.
I see endless examples of people who want to change thier lives and give there children better childhoods but have no intention of changing the way in which they. They seem to think that someone else should do it for them.

Very often the people who are in the worst circumstances work hard to give thier children everything they need and the people who actually need the least support are the ones who shout the loudest and seem to blame everyone but themselves. I believe we all have problems but we need to deal with them in an unselfish manner.
Thank you for writing this article, no matter what people have said, someone needs to have the courage to express this opinion or this selfishness will be passed from generation to generation.
Thanks and apologies for being so long winded

Please keep up the excellent work
Leslie anne Riddle

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