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wow i never thought about how we can encourage kids to confess through positive reinforcement, however, we need to encourage the kids how to behave appropriate around other kids through no punishment regarding the incident of inappropriate behavior such as throwing stone? how can i give the kid positive reinforcement for their honesty and at the same time there should be a consequence for the particular misbehavior. On other hand, if the kid knew there will be a consequence, the kid might as well lie to avoid the consequence. Then i thought more about it and realize the consequence has to be accurate for the behavior (response cost) something like that. i heard it from someone else that response cost is one of good way to encourage kids to improve compliant behavior…. interesting article! ur right i do recognize this because when i was younger i tend to avoid the punishment by lying then ended up receiving double punishment but i continued doing this with a hope to get away with it. it is like gambling game.



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