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I have been an early childhood educator since the 50′s

Hello Noel,

I read your article tonight and want to praise your approach to family education in child guidance and parent support. I have been an early childhood educator since the 50′s and needless to say seen many theories and changes in parenting. Never has a generation been given, by professionals, more reading material about raising children than in the last 20 years. Never have we had more difficulty in child behavior and problems in learning than now.

I think your approach to this growing problem is refreshing and certainly an answer to many parenting problems. In the Childcare business we often refer to those who need your services as having a child that the Stork dropped down the chimney with no instructions. Again I wish to praise your system and will tell many about your program and your book. Good luck and keep up your work, you are right on target!

PS: My compliments to your parents, I sense you didn’t learn all of this by yourself or from a book.


Betty Young

Dr. Noel Swanson, Consultant Child Psychiatrist and author of The GOOD CHILD Guide, specializes in children's behavioural difficulties and writes a free newsletter for parents. He can be contacted through his website on Expert Parenting Advice.

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