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Using The Good Child Steps for my 8yr old Autistic Son

Hi Noel

My 3 goals are

1. Using The Good Child Steps for my 8yr old Autistic Son, as I am sure you know it is hard on the whole family (This was a life saver)

2. Following the 7 steps to Freedom program ( to help me dream what mite be)

3. Using the 101 ways to build a Happy Relationship for me and my wife ( Due to goal 1)
Thank you for all 3 e books this is the best money I have spent in a long time .

I am reading all of this when I can, a little at a time, at the same time.

I Know using all three have helped me with, My son and My wife.

I am more Relaxed now and not high strung , like afew months ago!

We are starting to have family fun together again.

I know these goals are small, but to Me/Use they are a big step to Happiness.

Thanks and cheers to you


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