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My daughter is only 3

Hi Noel
Thanks for all your emails.
I’m now into the third week of implementing a couple of the simple strategies outlined in your book. My daughter is only 3, so I have developed a very simple star chart with her, which only includes 4 ‘star tasks’ each day – getting dressed in the morning, leaving for ‘little school’ when it’s time, having a bath when I say and going to bed when I say. Stephanie has really hooked into the idea of getting stars for these tasks, and most days she gets 4 stars, although we do have some bad/challenging days still. 4 stars means 2 little treats (chocolate) after dinner and 3 stars means 1 little treat. Any less than that and there’s no treat.
I’ve also started the 1-2-3 magic and it is very effective. There have been quite a few time outs though, and I’m finding it hard to get Steph to understand that she needs to be quiet for the 3 minutes she’s in her room. So far, she’ll stay in her room, but she’s certainly not quiet during that time. Still … it seems to be working, as once time out is finished we usually move on with no more repetition of what started the 1-2-3 process to begin with.
Life has definitely improved at home as a result of these strategies, so thanks for your book.

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